Whittier Heights Family Festival

We are currently applying for a grant from the city to host our first (hopefully, annual) Whittier Heights Family Festival. There would be free food, drinks, and live entertainment that is family focused. Some ideas so far are : live music, dancing, yoga/guitar workshops, face painting, magicians, and scavenger hunts. The festival would happen at the end of July and would be in Kirke Park. We really want to bring the community together for a day to celebrate how amazing Whittier Heights is and to get to know your neighbors. We are asking local businesses to take part either by sponsorship, offering free or low cost products or services, or contributing a gift card for a raffle we will be holding.

If you would like to volunteer on the day of the festival please contact me : whittierheights@gmail.com, and pass along my info to any businesses you would love to see there and encourage them to participate too. Any musicians or other artists out there that you know of? I’d love some help finding local participants! Let’s get outside this summer and have some fun at Kirke Park!


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