Projects on the horizon…

We have established and continue to hold weekly neighborhood walks. We also have someone who is leading a daytime walk each week, so we will continue to hold at least 2 walks per week (if not more). The hours and days, will always vary. It began with the goal of “taking back” our community from crime as we hoped that walking the “hot spots” at night would deter some of the illegal activity happening, and send a message to all that we care deeply about Whittier Heights and will not stand by as property crime rises and drug deals increase in the Baker Park area. We feel these night walks have been successful, as we have seen loitering folks leave the park when they see us coming, we’ve heard chatter about some kids not being happy that we are walking the area, etc. The way we see it, worst case scenario, we meet some great neighbors and get some exercise. Best case scenario, maybe we deter some crime. It’s a win -WHIN, pun intended 🙂

I am dreaming of adding some neighborhood bike rides also, but will have to see if there is interested. Also on the horizon is a Baker Park clean up (likely early February), a social event and some brainstorming for other community based projects. I will continue to work with other neighborhood groups to follow the Baker Park expansion and we will be involved in input for the design, once funding is allocated. Stay tuned!


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