Neighborhood based initiatives

Two major initiatives have been started by the Whittier Heights neighborhood in response to the rise in property crime. 1) WHIN has started a weekly evening walk group. The purpose to these walks is to get to know your neighbors, strengthening the community and to keep an eye out for crime to report to the SPD. We will be walking the neighborhood in groups, wearing safety vests and carrying flashlights. We hope to add daytime (after school hours) walks also as well as some late night walks (midnight). Each walk will occur at random days and times so there won’t be any set schedule to keep the walks random. Please contact WHIN if you’d like to participate and be placed on our weekly walk email list. 2) Brad, a Whittier Heights resident, has started the “Whittier Heights Patrol Association” or WHPA, to hire off duty Seattle police officers to patrol our neighborhood. For more information on the patrol, which is set to begin January 1st, 2015, please contact the association at : Here is the link to the recent King 5 story which covered this topic:


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